You can avoid some costly repairs by doing a few little things on your own.

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Battery – Corrosion on the battery posts or cables can make it difficult for your car to start. Look at each battery post and clean away any built up corrosion.

Belts and Hoses – You can test your belts and hoses just by looking at them and touching them. Your belts should be free from any cracks and they should be pliable. The hoses should be pliable also without any bulges or cracks.

Engine oil level - Low engine oil can produce severe problems and reduce the life of your car. Park your car at the level spot and let it sit for a while to allow the engine oil to drain to the oil pan. Remove the engine oil dipstick and check the level. The location of the oil dipstick can be found in your owner’s manual. Remember, you can reduce the wear on your car even more by using a high quality synthetic motor oil.

Engine coolant level – Never open the radiator or coolant overflow tank when the engine is hot. Let your car cool down before opening either. Like engine oil, low coolant levels can jeopardize the life of your car. Check the level by looking at the coolant overflow tank.

Tire Wear & Tire Pressure – Tire wear & tire pressure can affect your gas mileage and your safety. Make sure the wear on your tires is even and there is sufficient tread for traction in bad weather. Check your tire pressure at least monthly. The correct pressure for your tires can be found in your owner’s manual.

Wiper Blades – Good wiper blades mean good visibility, which is essential for your safety. Check all blades, front and back, for tears or cracking. Make sure the blades lay in full contact with the wind shields.

Driving habits – Driving carefully reduces fuel consumption and also increases the life of your car.

Doing these few things can save you lots of money over the life of your car. Add just one more item, a regular yearly checkup, and your car should last years longer. The regular yearly checkup by a certified mechanic can inspect all major components such as brakes and suspension, while performing routine maintenance such as tire alignment, engine tune-up, oil change and filter replacement.

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